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Some recommendations for managing cookies

By default I refuse cookies. All cookies. And I manage exceptions with sites for which I open a user account. Here is how I set my browser.

I dedicate a browser to the beta testing of the site, so as not to interfere with my browsing habits otherwise. For the example, let’s say I choose Google Chrome for the tests.

Block all cookies with Google Chrome

I block all cookies with Google Chrome before starting beta testing

The browser does not recommend the Block all cookies option because it may prevent some services from working…

This is precisely what we want to test for this site.

If a service cannot function because cookies are blocked, we should be notified by a message from the service. As in this example.

I cannot create a user account on the data-driving site when I block cookies

WordPress, the application with which the site is developed and operated, needs its cookies to manage the site’s user accounts.

View cookie files

In my Chrome browser dedicated to testing, mainly Google cookies

Delete all cookies

Bye bye cookies !

Since I also don’t want to be tracked when I browse the site during the beta tests, I forbid tracking.

Prohibit browser tracking

Now I’m ready to start beta-testing the website

If I don’t want to dedicate a browser to beta testing and if I don’t want to interfere with my browser’s non-testing settings, I can also block cookies only for the site

Block cookies only for the website

Option 2: I only block cookies from the data-driving site

In this case I only block third party cookies when I am in private browsing.

Switch to private browsing mode

Google calls third-party cookies, non-Google cookies…

Google Chrome’s private browsing mode is an option 3 to block cookies from a browser window and only from the browser window that is launched in private mode.

Test : Which features are blocked on

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