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Satellite website ?

This site serves as a satellite for the e-books in Surf Xi’s Data-driving trilogy.

It contains links and content that complement and update the content of the three books as they are released.

It also serves as a playground for an experiment to pilot the development of future versions of the e-books, soundtracks and companion sites of the Data-driving collection, based on exchanges with-and among-their users.

Future updates of the book

The very first edition of each object-of-the-collection-Data-driving is a version-zero. The second edition is a version-1 and so on, as long as users are willing to share their feedback to improve Surf Xi’s productions.

Experimentation ?

The experiment is to understand how and to what extent it is possible to follow the principles of virtuous-steering-ξ of our activities as proposed by Surf Xi in the first two volumes of his trilogy. The story of the experiment and the results obtained are recorded in the third volume of the trilogy, the very first version of which (version-zero) is planned for February 2023.

Virtuous steering-ξ ?

According to Surf Xi, a virtuous-steering-ξ of our activities requires respecting the ecosystems in which these activities take place, and in particular the people who live in and interact with these ecosystems.

Transposed to the context of this website, this requires respecting the interests of all its visitors, notably by keeping them informed of the fact that by visiting this site, they leave traces.

Protecting our usage data

One of the first requirements for a virtuous-steering-ξ of our activities is therefore to inform the users of our services of how they can protect their usage-data.

That is why the website’s editor and administrator invite those who wish to visit to start by taking 3 minutes to consult the Welcome! page.

Co-build the contents of this page or of the website?

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