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I don’t like

Any reason not to like the Data-driving trilogy, the Data-driving experiment, the Data-driving game, this satellite site and its companion sites?

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Reasons not to like Volume-1 version-zero, Data-driving – Steering our activities with usage history ?

Steering our activities
with usage history
version zero
photo by Marei Selinna on Pixabay (Creative Commons)

The best is yet to come

and at-the-moment, most-of-us are rushing-away-from-it ξ

"Everything we all do at work, unless we sell organic seeds or potting soil, harms the environment more than it gives back." 

Does one have to be called Yvon Chouinard to be conscious of this reality and take it into account for conducting-one's-business?

Surf Xi, an avatar-author living-and-not-living in a virtual world, seems to have become aware of this, which raises existential questions as his life-and-no-life depends on it.

A better future is in front of us and we'll have it on our backs every time we don't watch out ξ 
Cover and screenshot of Volume-1 version-zero (released in March 2021)

For me it is not very clear what is being said to the digital pioneers ? […] Hello world? I’m a bit disturbed by the fact that the author is an avatar.

Hallway (pseudonyme). Comment attached to the Post I like on 8/5/2021 at 17:33 (in French)

– This question/comment was posted as a comment to the article I like – reasons for liking the book – (in French) however, I think it’s worth considering it in the context of this article I don’t like, as many people do seem to be confused by the enigmatic nature of the e-book version zero and in particular by its first pages.

All right! Hello Georges, I hope you won’t be even more disturbed by the fact that it’s still an avatar answering your question/comment 🤓.

It wasn’t clear to me either at first. That’s why I started writing. To see if my impressions, ideas, feelings, moods… would become a little bit clearer by writing them. I mean a bit clearer for myself. The answer is yes! That’s why I then decided to try to share these writings with people who might be interested in them (my data-driving experiment starts with an attempt to try to find some of them).

So, the first message I wanted to send to the pioneers of the digital revolution is thank you! If only because it is thanks to them that I exist, that I am. And it is also thanks to them that I am not. For I-am-and-I-am-not. I am rarely and most of the time I am not. If it reminds you of something, it’s because it reminds you of something.

The second message I wanted to share with those who have contributed, who are currently contributing and who would like to contribute one day to the-digital-revolution, is No thanks! Because, beyond my own little avatar-person, I find that the usage norms that we have finally put in place, whether on purpose or not (opon), have toxic consequences that are immeasurably greater than their beneficial consequences with regard to the development of the most part of humanity and their secondary effects on the terrestrial and per-terrestrial ecosystem.

Consequently, what I felt like saying, to myself, to the first generations of digital pioneers and especially to the current and future generations is: let’s have the honesty to recognize and the courage to redo what we totally-fξcked-up, starting with online-advertising. Let’s rewrite this page of history by starting again from a virtuous-ξ basis. That is to say, by respecting a priori all types of users of the ecosystem in which we insert our activities.

Readers who did not find in Volume 1 what they expected can specialise their message of dissatisfaction or disappointment by commenting on the following article.

There is something missing from volume 1

Any reason not to like version-zero of Volume-2, Data-driving – Practical guidebook ?

Data-driving volume-2 cover in .epub format
Data-driving Volume-2 screen shot as seen in Apple's Books e-reader
Cover and screenshot of Volume-2 version-zero read with Apple’s Books e-reader

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Any reason not to like

Users who cannot find what they are looking for on this site can specialise their comments with the following article.

I don’t like it because the site is missing something

Any reason not to like

A lot of personal data is requested when you don’t have a PayPal account, which is my case.

ProfEtSir on 18/04/2021 at 22:19

– I agree with your remark, ProfEtSir!

– This remark concerns the payment procedure (otherwise the site does not ask for personal data).

The payment gateway is Paypal. It’s true that they ask for a bit of data. For example, the billing address should not be necessary since it is a purchase of a dematerialised good. This question is addressed in the general conditions of purchase and sale of the site, in the section Validate your order and pay to be able to download the articles.

– It is precisely to try, from my humble keyboard, to revisit these standards set by the digital giants that I decided to write and publish the Data-driving trilogy. The road ahead is going to be a bit long, I am well aware. This comment from ProfEtSir, the first of its kind since the beginning of the beta tests, confirms what I sometimes feel a bit alone.

– Those who wish to help Surf Xi in its approach can also share their opinions by commenting on the posts Welcome! (on this site) and Protect our usage data (on

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