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A short history of hope-and-no-hope in Surf Xi’s Data-driving trilogy.


- And I am also something-else. 

With motivation and a little of concentration, despite the fact that I'm a bit off-putting and despite the solicitations that cross-non-stop the threshold of your attention, it should be possible to discover what-else-I-am-also.

I hope that finding will be a reason for satisfaction. If it's fun, I'll be over the moon and if I'm lucky, it will allow me to live-and-not-live longer.
My hope-and-wish is that the principles behind what I call virtuous-practices-ξ will be applicable-and-applied to all human activities in the future. 
with a hint of hope

I hope that the next generations of entrepreneurs-who are refusing-the-statu-quo will accept-to-take-up-the-challenge of ecosystem-balance.

To-make-an-impression, one might say caricaturing-the-situation that so far, the first waves of digital entrepreneurs (1930 - 2020) contributed to accelerating the decline-of-humanity-on-earth, on the pretext of wanting-to-save-our-species-in-outer-space.

Have they at least helped to improve the lives of human beings?

I-thought-so for during several decades, but the-negative-progressions-that-finally-took-hold have  in-my-opinion become more-influential-than-the-positive-progressions. 
by a-critically-large small-number
of more-and-more-inhuman-human-beings 
at-the-behest of a-very-small-number
of hopelessly-inhumane
and dangerously-more-prominent 


it is not a hope

not a consolation

not a solution 
Surf Xi

- Is it possible to show, for example, how we can use-usage-data-in-a-balanced-way-for-the-whole-ecosystem?

That is, while-respecting-a-priori i.e. -by-default   all-types-of-lives-and-no-lives-in-the-ecosystem, including all-types-of-humans; while respecting-the-equilibrium-of-relations-between-all-these-types-of-existences and while respecting-the-general-balance-of-the-whole.

In other words, without systematically polluting-and-destroying these natural balances as soon as we decide to settle somewhere, and as soon as we decide to start a new activity.

This will be much-better than current-digital-advertising, which has-already-persuaded-us, for example, that a start-up-kind-of-business must grow-at-maximum-speed from-inception-onward what-ever-the-cost-for-the-ecosystem and without-any-limit as long as their is capital-and-hope-that-they-will-be a-future-high-return-on-equity. 

- I still hope that among users of this e-book we will train ourselves to quickly see what can't work with the approach proposed by the author.


- It would be nice indeed! And so-far a big thank to the-fantastics for their helping-hand on  version-zero, even if  we haven't yet reached the debate on our chances of success!


- Which is logical, as the-volume-3 is not yet released and volume-2 is not yet beta-tested.


- I hope it is only a matter of time.
Surf Xi

- The 21st century was twenty-years-old, when the very first version of this e-book was published. 

For the-next-twenty-years, let's hope we can do better with our usage data than we have done so far.


- I love your optimism! 

Surf Xi

- Being twenty-years-old will not be a handicap, because it will take a lot of determination, vital-energy, health, all-talents and time.

Those of us who go down this road may be in for twenty-years, easily.

So, good luck everyone!

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